What We Do

RCPOMF and our Community

  • The Foundation provides funding for maintenance and repair of all law enforcement memorials in Riverside County.
  • Provides monies for conducting annual memorials such as table and chair rentals, flowers, food/beverages and other incidental items.
  • Coordinates funding for the building or remodeling of law enforcement memorials in Riverside County.
  • Provides relief fund monies to surviving families of officers killed in the Line of Duty as determined by the U.S. DOJ/PSOB criteria.
  • Provides for the (future) establishment of a scholarship fund for LODD children survivors.
  • Promotes the work of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).
  • Honors the efforts of the National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).  

The Riverside County Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation serves the interest of all law enforcement agencies within Riverside County in order to preserve the honor and memory of all LODD which occur within Riverside County.